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Introducing, the Sandcan System.

The newest and Best in Class containerized mobile storage and transportation system from LogicHaul Logistics.

The SandCan system is the only Direct to Blender Feed System ™ containerized system holding up to 120 tons of proppant storage directly above the blender and features the valuable and patent pending partitioned hopper system, allowing for multiple proppants above the blender, simultaneously. But that is only the beginning of the tremendous value the SandCan system will deliver to your well-head and your overall proppant logistics support network.

Versatility and Value

No other system can boast anything close to the versatility and value the SandCan System can deliver…

It Starts with Safety

The SandCan system virtually eliminates dust at the well head caused by sand transferring, no engineering, no coating, no dust collection…

Explore the RT290

It’s the only machine that can operate in virtually any terrain, in extreme weather and in up to 5 feet of water…